free advertising promo codesSavvy marketers use promo codes to get free advertising or discounts on products or services they want. Promotional codes are a great way to generate business.

Freebie Seekers

Freebie seekers will often spend hours each day scouring the net for promo codes or discount coupons that will allow them to get everything they want at a discounted price or completely free.

These people don’t realize the time they are spending seeking out these freebies is taking them away from doing something productive.

Savvy Business

This group of people realizes time is money. They will use promo codes for free advertising when they find them but they’ll rarely go out of their way to hunt for them.

Savvy marketers know that their time is valuable and that time spent searching out discounts or promotional codes is costing them money.

Some marketers charge customers anywhere from $50 to $10,000 an hour for their time so taking time to hunt down a discount that’ll save them a few dollars doesn’t make sense.

These people WILL take advantage of every discount or promo code they encounter but they won’t waste valuable time hunting.

Does building your business or hunting down free advertising make more sense to you?

If you answered building your business, you have the right mindset.

I’d like to introduce you to Free Traffic Hotline. The owners of this business spent 4 months seeking out promo codes to over 500 advertising sites. Some of these sites are now offering codes that are exclusive to FTH.

I use this site to get codes to test new advertising venues to see if they are worthy recipients of my advertising dollars. There are so many sites and codes listed for upgraded members that I never scour emails for codes any more.

Credit links from sites I do use are only clicked IF I need a break and the site is consistently providing fresh leads from ads I send.

You slow the growth of your business by wasting your time clicking credit links and seeking out promo codes or you can tap into the complete Free Traffic Hotline goldmine for $19.90 a year which is about 6 cents a day for oodles of free advertising promo codes.

Free Advertising Promo Codes

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