“I’ve been talking recently about marketing which encompasses customer retention, advertising and every other aspect of promoting your business. This article is talking only about advertising.

Do you use:

  • safelists to advertise your business?
  • auto-surf traffic exchanges?
  • manual traffic exchanges?
  • ezine advertising?
  • online classified advertising?
  • Free For All networks (FFA’s)?
  • email promotions?
  • teleseminars?
  • webinars?
  • offline classified ads?
  • flyers?
  • bumper stickers?
  • business cards?
  • magnetic signs?
  • door hangers?
  • card deck advertising?
  • yellow page ads in the phone book?
  • promotional items (pens, mouse pads, keychains, hats, T-shirts, etc.)?
  • billboards?
  • radio?
  • TV ads?
  • infomercials?
  • magazines?
  • an unmentioned method?

As you can see, there are a LOT of ways to advertise your business both on and off line.

DO NOT try to be a master of all of them.

You do not have the time or budget to master every possible means of advertising.

Test two or three methods to see which ones work best for you then become a master at that method by refining what works and learning how to improve upon it by writing better ad copy, automating the method you’ve chosen, improving your follow-up messages, etc.

Once you’ve mastered one technique and are making money using it, start testing another advertising method to add to what’s already working for you.

As you add additional advertising methods that work while still refining and tweaking your current successful methods, you will be expanding your income.

If you are new, it will take a lot of learning and trial and error to find what works for you then more learning and testing to develop the skills you’ll need to write good ad copy, create lead capture pages, to brand your name and build a customer base that will repeatedly buy from you.

Advertising is choosing a path, following that path and testing, refining and testing some more until you have a profitable method or decide it isn’t going to succeed and scrap it in favor of another.

How Do You Advertise?

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