“It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. No truer statement has ever been made.

Every word you write or speak has the power to help you achieve your goal or drive you farther away from it.

Never underestimate the power of even a single word, a phrase or where they are located in the written or verbal communications you undertake.

Write your ad copy using words, phrases and arrangements suitable for a typical 7 year old. This isn’t to insult your prospect or customer but to acknowledge that you only have 7-15 seconds on average to capture their attention. Big words may showcase your command of the language but they hurt your chances of making the sale.

A prospect will often leave your site before they’ll look up words or phrases they don’t understand.

Be very aware of how your audience will take your words.

If you look up the word disabled in a major search engine, you’ll find approximately 425 million indexed pages with that word. Depending on the person you are talking to, you may be insulting them by calling them disabled. Some people like to be referred to as people with disabilities or physically challenged.

Testing is vital because disabled may work for some, people with disabilities with some and physically challenged with others. Until you test sales copy with each variation, you won’t know which works best with your customers and target audience.

This is just one example of the power of words. Think about everything you say or write and test everything so you are helping your business instead of harming it.

Be aware of non business encounters too because you never know when a contact may be someone that can deliver a golden future.

The Power of Words

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