Think about your personal life, including dating and hobbies. I’ll bet you found the things that capture the majority of your time and interest are things you enjoy doing. The more passionate you are about something the more you seek out that person, task or activity.

You are ruled by your emotions in every aspect of your life whether you admit to it or not.

Think about the things you buy. You buy it because you think it’ll make your life easier, make it better in some way, make it more fun or because it’ll give you pleasure.

Your customers buy for the same reasons you do.

Let’s talk about your business now.

Do you think you’ll consistently work hard on you business if you aren’t passionate about it? You might spend time doing keyword research for a new adsense site, gather articles and find a pre-made template to put together a professional looking site. Do you honestly believe you’ll do anything else with that site if the topic doesn’t interest you?

Now let’s say you’ve chosen to build an adsense site on a good set of keywords that actually interest you.

  • You’ll do the same keyword research.
  • You’ll find or write articles for the site.
  • You’ll probably be more selective in the site design.
  • You’ll be more likely to add a blog to the site so you can add new content and interact with visitors.
  • You might choose to add a forum for even more interaction and information.
  • You’ll eventually find products you want to recommend on the site.
  • You might be inclined to make posts on other blogs and in other forums about the topic that interests you and leave a signature back to your site.
  • You may start a newsletter to keep people informed about the topic and how your site is evolving.

Your interest in and passion for the topic you chose to create an adsense site will evolve into a full blown content site with much more revenue generating capabilities because of your passion.

Embrace your nature to do what you are interested in and passionate about so you can create a long term income that won’t disappear when the search engines discover you put up a site and walked away from it out of boredom.

Are You Passionate About Your Business?
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