festive trafficSeveral months ago, a group of us entered a Membership Script Profit class to learn how to create a membership based business success. This is one success story.

Festive Traffic was launched at 7pm Eastern on September 9, 2010 with about 20 people promoting at the same time to give it a good push. As each team member launches their site, the whole group pushes it for 7 days then the site owner works to continue the momentum the team helps create.
Diane, Festive Traffic’s owner, has created a great looking site that is different from many text ad exchanges you see elsewhere. EVERY member will receive an advertising party pack each month.
The value of the advertising party pack you receive increases with your membership level but I think even free members will be pleased with their gifts.
Anyone that has room in their budget for a one time fee of $19.95 should jump all over the Festive Traffic JV Upgrade because the monthly party packs you receive in addition to what is stated externally makes this a super value.
Diane was a struggling marketer when she first hooked up with our Mentor and our team but she had a dream. She listened to the traffic generation lessons first then acted on them. Her growth as a marketer has been a joy to watch.
She new nothing about running a membership site, scripts or even how to FTP but she was determined to create a business success with her first membership site.
To turn her dream into reality, she has spent months developing her business plan and creating the goals she needs to meet to create the reality she desires. She put in the time needed to learn the script that powers Festive Traffic, to get the look just right, to create the right copy for the home page and the promotional materials for her affiliates and she learned FTP and the other skills she needs to manage her business.
It is almost noon on September 11, 2010 and membership sits at 239. Those numbers show me Diane is on her way to having the success she has dreamed of and planned to achieve.
Free Pro memberships are being offered to the first 500 members and I see only action takers benefiting from this offer if the site continues to grow at its current rate. Are you ready to join Festive Traffic to create the business success you desire?
Creating Business Success

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