Handful of Paper Money

In case you haven’t noticed, a series of disturbing things are happening in Internet Marketing.

Trend 1

A series of inexpensive products are being presented with many of them being WordPress plugins. Some of the plugins have entertainment value. The problem is the data being pulled into the plugin is controlled by the marketer and that site is only kept online as long as the marketer is making money from the plugin.
As soon as the profits stop, the plugin is abandoned and a new one is marketed that uses the same programming, a different site to pull in data and the entertainment value is completely different.
Anyone that starts promoting the plugin for the 100% commissions is stuck with ads spread around promoting a product they cannot support that may stop functioning within a few weeks at most.
You can usually protect yourself from this junk by looking at your business plan to see whether this type of plugin adds value to your visitor.
The sales copy might say only X number of copies will be sold at the low price of $4.95 but that’s too much if the product doesn’t help you reach your goals.

Trend 2

Marketers present products they have in Clickbank that promise huge money through automation or loopholes. IF you buy the product, you will quite often find you do NOT have the skills or personnel needed to duplicate the successes implied by the sales copy or you get bombarded with an amazing number of upsells, down sells or addons that say our product is good but these will make it GREAT.
The initial cost of these product offerings usually falls into the $37 to $97 price range.
If you see a product being offered that states some no name stumbled onto a loophole that makes him 5 figures a month and he wants to help you avoid his suffering, common sense should tell you the loophole has been closed so there is no way you will be able to benefit from it OR the effectiveness is so bad it’s time to move on to the next gimmick.
A clue that there are going to be some massive upsells AFTER you buy the product is seeing 5 or more ‘gurus’ pushing this affordable product. These guys have big lists and they are usually only going to push stuff that has the potential to put hundreds of dollars per sale in their pocket.

Trend 3

Launches with a week or more of teaser content videos that do two things:
  1. You get entered into their sales funnel.
  2. You are being given just enough information to get you salivating over a course that will end up costing you a thousand dollars or more.
Large numbers of ‘gurus’ usually promote these because they earn about a grand every time a referral buys AND there is quite often a continuity program built in that earns them $100 or more each month.
The content may or may not be worth the price but the majority of the buyers will NOT have the skills needed to even earn their outlay back.
You usually need to have a few things in place before you consider big ticket courses. Some of these are:
  •  A clear vision of your goals.
  • A business plan.
  • A business budget.
  • A clearly written action plan that details your activities each day.
  • The ability to generate traffic to your website.
  • One or more offering that is selling for you.
If you aren’t able to generate traffic and make some sales before you buy one of these expensive courses, you usually aren’t ready to take advantage of them or even ready to fully evaluate whether they are worth the price.
You need your own domain and hosting account with a blog on it so you can brand your name if you intend to have a business asset. WordPress is the best option for this because it is easy to use once you learn the basics and there are many themes and WordPress plugins available that will help you get a professional looking site that is search engine friendly. New WordPress Plugin can advise you on some great plugins and there are even videos free members can access. Gold members also gain access to a site to learn the basics of search engine optimization.
Common sense, a business plan you stick to and knowledge of the basics are your best defenses against the hype, junk and bloated prices being pushed at you.



Are You Letting Marketers Deceive You?
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