free advertisingFree advertising has a price even though it isn’t coming out of your wallet. The price is something most precious than money and that is your time.

The time you spend searching for promo codes for free solo ads, login ads, banner ads, etc. from the different text ad exchanges reduces the amount of time you have for marketing.  Most people when they first started out have more time than money.  Many beginners do not understand that time and money both are limited and both should be assigned a value.

You started your business to make a profit you should have a business plan and a plan of action in addition to these your business plan should include and operating budget for your business.

If you are trying to build any business with no outlay of cash, you will need to expand time to accomplish the tasks that could normally be completed by spending some money.

Every task that you choose to complete yourself instead of spending money that will save you time is time that you have lost to marketing and growing your business.

If you have no operating budget and have no money to put into an operating budget, you should join an affiliate program that you can promote to earn commissions that will give you the money that you need to grow your business.

There are multiple advertising sites online that you can use to build your business and to earn commissions as a free member by sharing the advertising program with others.

Two of the advertising programs that you can share as free members are Freetraffichotline and Schnaap. Quick Cash Buzz isn’t free but it is the official feeder for Schnaap and a great resource too.

Freetraffichotline is a membership site where for an annual fee you gain access to promo codes on an ongoing basis for more than 400 different sites AND the ability to email your ads to other FTH members. Some of the advertising methods that you get promo codes for are:

  • solo ads
  • login ads
  • banner ads
  • text ads
  • and more

New promo codes are headed consistently. If you are an upgraded member of this site, I see no reason that you would have to click for advertising credits to get your site seen unless a particular site is very responsive. FTH is THE place to get more free advertising than you’ll have time to use.

The Quick Cash Buzz advertising gives you exposure for your business and a way to pay for Schnaap without coming out of pocket each month. Share the benefits of Quick Cash Buzz and Schnaap with others and let them help you fill your fast moving two by two matrix while you continue advertising.  The cost to get into this feeder is $15.00 one time.  Once your 2×2 is full, you will receive $45.00 and a re- entry into the two by two matrix.  The $45.00 you receive is more than enough to cover your monthly fee in Schnaap.

Schnaap is an advertising program, an income opportunity and much, much more.  Schnaap has acquired about 15,000 members in less than two weeks.  This is a large pool of prospects in anyone’s book.  Pro members of this program gain enough credits each month to have a minimum of 500 views of their website. By actively participating within the program, you can gain hundreds of more views to your website each and every month.

If you have zero operating funds and you really wish to be in business, you should consider joining Freetraffichotline or Schnaap as a free member and promoting the heck out of them until you have the commission’s that will allow you to upgrade.  FTH should be your first priority because that will give you free advertising from multiple resources so that you can expand your reach increase your sales and then join quick cash buzz so that you can promote it to gain access to Schnaap.

Can You Afford Free Advertising?

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