Automation is the key to taking your business success to the next level but you need knowledge to know what to automate and when.
If you tried to automate your business before you know what needs to be automated and when, you may be spending time, money and energy going down a path that could hinder your business growth.
Blogs are loved by the search engines because they frequently provide fresh and unique content. When the content correctly matches what people are searching for, the page or post is rewarded with a lot of highly targeted free traffic.
I can think of three products released within the last 30 days that are trying to sell you on systems that allow you to set up income producing blogs in minutes, have content added to them automatically and you were told that the search engines will love these blogs.

Automation Dream 1

One automated system that I purchased to evaluate led me to believe that each blog could make anywhere from $1.00 to $100 per day and that each blog I created would be totally hands free after it was set up. I discovered that the blogs were set up using a method that leaves the blog vulnerable to hackers and that the content is pulled in from external sources so it is not unique. The author of the report also used a complete team to set up his blogs and they added unique content to each blog so that the search engines would be more likely to index them.
In my opinion, the report is a business success dream stealer because novices will not be able to see the pitfalls that weren’t mentioned so they’ll try and fail when the odds were against them before they even started.
Set it and forget it blogs that are created strictly as income generating sites rarely do well in the search engines if they even get indexed. If they do manage to get indexed, they are frequently delisted as soon as the search engine realizes no unique content has been posted.

Automation Dream 2

Another product that was recently released claims that it has solved the unique content problem. Someone I know purchased this product to evaluate it. He discovered that the software takes your content and translates it into another language and then back into your original language which gives you original content but it is gibberish.

Automation Dream 3

A third product that is being sold promises Clickbank profits with just a few clicks of the mouse on a piece of software. Common sense should tell you that a products selling for $37 is NOT going to give you everything you need to automatically start generating an income. You WILL be faced with multiple upsells that you are told you need in addition to the $37 product you just bought. The total price IF you buy everything could go into the hundreds. Even then, you may not get a complete blueprint on how to implement everything.
These products are all aimed at people that want to get rich quick and people that are not willing to work for their living and that have no business plan. As I have stated before, you must plan for success and then work to achieve your business success.
Business Success And Automation
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