New WordPress PluginWith the passing of each day, the need for a mobile friendly website increases.  There are millions of iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other smart phone users and their numbers are increasing each day.

I saw one television report that stated that there are 6 million iPhone users alone.  The report also stated that 40% of these users use their smart device to browse the Internet.  It also revealed that these users had and higher than average amount of disposable income.

As the price of these smart devices continues to drop and additional carriers, such as Verizon, support these phones, the number of people browsing the Internet from their phone will climb.

WordPress feels that Mobile is so important that they have created apps for the Android, Blackberry and Apple iPhone slash iPad users.  These apps were created for WordPress bloggers to create, edit and publish posts from their phones.

Since there are millions of WordPress blogs and search engines love blogs, doesn’t it make sense to have a WordPress blog that is mobile phone friendly?

Is your theme mobile friendly?

If it isn’t mobile friendly, do you know how to make it mobile friendly?

Did you know that the Apple mobile devices do not do Flash?  This means that the fancy flash menus that are on some web sites will not show on these devices so there is no way to navigate the website and  if there are any flash videos embedded into post or pages they will not play.

Did you know that it is possible to make some WordPress themes smart phone ready by simply installing a plugin?

We live in a fast moving world that is relying more and more on audio, video and information delivered by the Internet to mobile devices.  You have two choices.  The choices are to make use of these technologies and present your information the way the visitors are seeking it or you can continue to rely on older technologies that will let you fall further behind your competitors.

New WordPress Plugin is a place where you can find information on how to make your blogs search engine friendly, plugin reviews, WordPress PLR themes that are flash free and information that can help you get noticed.  Some of the plugin reviews introduce you to plugins that will help your site load faster and be both user and mobile friendly.


Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
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