trak4u ad trackingAd tracking is a vital to your success. If you are not tracking each and every ad you place, you are wasting time and money.

Gina Sprenkle-Gunning is an experienced admin and a top marketer. Trak4u is an ad tracking service and it is the latest offering to be added to her portfolio of advertising related web sites.
You can join as a free member but you are limited in the number of advertisements that you will be able to track.
If your budget allows it, I highly recommend that you choose the reseller membership option which is less than $20.00 per year. With this membership level, you will be able to track an unlimited number of advertisements. For those of you that want to reward the members of your downline that are actively promoting your business with few, you will appreciate the rotator that the Trak4u service has.
The example below should clearly illustrate the benefits of using an ad tracking service.
If you are placing ads at 50 different text ad exchanges and are not using a different tracker at each exchange, how do you know which of the 50 is generating leads for you and is worth your time?
The answer is, “You don’t know.”  and by not knowing you’re spending time posting to exchanges that are not producing and this is costing you money because time is money.
Trak4u will let you find out which sites deserve your time and which to drop so you can add others to test.
Every time you drop a non-producer and find another that is producing, your chances of increasing your income just rose.
Can you afford not having an ad tracking service like Ttrak4u?
Grab the Trak4u Ad tracking membership level that fits your budget today!


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