You need to have Microsoft Office, Open Office or another office suite that is their equivalent to effectively do business online. This article in explains why.

Spelling And Grammar Matter
Every article or post that you publish is quite often the only chance you’ll get to impress your visitor. An article that is full of spelling and grammar errors will be abandoned very quickly because it is very easy to find a competitor that has taken the time to publish quality.
The Open Office suite and Microsoft Office both have quality word processors that include the ability to check both your spelling and grammar before you publish.
PowerPoint or Impress
Both of these programs have been designed to easily create business presentations that look great and each is part of their respective office suites. The presentations you create are also great foundations for videos because you can build in a variety of transitions without technical experience or difficultly.
You can be using either a PC or a Mac as the computer you use for either of these office suites since both will run on either.
If you are not currently using videos in your marketing, you need to start using them as soon as possible. Depending upon the survey you look at, YouTube and Facebook are in a battle for the second highest number of searches behind Google.
Every day you do not have a video online is a day that you’re missing out on some potential free targeted traffic. Not only is YouTube a major search engine in its own right the videos you place there frequently rank high on Google as well.
The PC has Windows Movie Maker build into the newer operating systems and the Mac has IMovie built into it. Both of these entry level photo editors give you the ability to make simple videos without any extra out of pocket expense and the learning curve is fairly short for both. You can use either one of these programs to combine your slide shows with either music or voice narration to create professional looking and sounding videos that can also include an opening title and closing credits that you create.
Office 2010 and Open Office both let you export your documents as PDF files and these documents make great viral marketing tools.
If you are not using one of these office suites, you are lacking one of the tools that is necessary to become a business success. Open Office is free so there is no excuse for not having an office suite as one of your tools.

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