Business success requires organization. Your business plan & daily action plan are two tools that help you organize. You also need time management skills.

Your Business Plan

I mentioned before that this is a tool that acts as our road map to financial success. Without this tool, you have no clearly defined direction for your business. But people that use a business plan have clearly defined their destination as well as indicators along the way that will help them measure their progress or lack of progress towards their goal.

Your Daily Action Plan

Your daily action plan is the tool you use to define the activities that you will complete each day to move closer to your final goal and business success.
Let’s say you only have 3 hours a day to work on your business and those have to be in 30 minute segments. You might break it down into actions like this:

Segment One – 30 Minutes

Load and broadcast messages in to your Auto-responder
Processing e-mail according to priority
Processing all support requests

Segment Two – 30 Minutes

Spend 10 minutes in each of three different forums. The time you spend in each forum can be used to ask questions, answer questions or start threads that will make people think. 10 minutes in each forum is all you need to build your brand, sure your expertise in to build back links to your primary site.

Segment Three – 30 Minutes

This segment might be used to either outline your next video or to upload a new video to one or more free video hosting sites.

Segment Four – 30 Minutes

This segment might be used to outline or write a new blog post or article for distribution to an article directory.

Segment Five – 30 Minutes

This segment could be used to manage your pay per click campaigns, media buys or another form of paid advertising.

Segment Six – 30 Minutes

This final segment is often used to plan the activities that will be conducted during the first five segments of the next day.
What you do in each segment will depend on your business, the marketing methods that you use and the goals that you have set. The important thing is to manage your time wisely and know exactly what actions you plan to take each day to move closer to your goal with maximum efficiency. This sample outline is to help you visualize a way you can plan in act to achieve your business success.
Business Success And Organization

One thought on “Business Success And Organization

  • November 13, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Hi Jerry, Great post!

    I hear people say all the time that they don’t have enough time to promote their business but you have clearly shown here that planning is all that is needed to get the job done.

    Here ya go folks, a simple easy outline that you can put into action today!

    Coach Gina 🙂


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