SEO for WordPress is easier than you think. You just need the right combination of plugins, knowledge on how to use the features built into WordPress and basic SEO skills. 

SEO Skills
You need to have basic search engine optimization skills to use all of the SEO capabilities of WordPress or any other website. WordPress makes it easy to add title tags, in each Alt tags, Meta tags and the various Heading tags as well as thumbnails for the posts that you write that you need to know how to use them and when to use them.
Video, audio and images are easy to add to a WordPress and easy to make search engine friendly IF you have a basic understanding of search engine optimization.
SEO for WordPress is easier to accomplish than SEO for static websites as long as you have two basic skills.
The All In One SEO pack is one plugin that makes search engine optimization for WordPress much easier.
New WordPress Plugin is a site that’s free to join and it lists and many of the plugins that you will need to easily perform SEO for WordPress.
WordPress Content
You need to read really add quality content that is focused on one primary keyword or keyword phrase per post. The structure of your post is almost as important as the quality to appeal to both the reader and the search engines.
Your articles need to be written for the reader but it is possible to structure it so the search engines appreciated too.
Images, video or audio that is directly related to the article and can enhance the impact of the written word will help you get your message across to the reader. The search engines love images that are named with the appropriate keywords and have proper ALT tags so they can understand them. Properly formatted videos that have the right tags can be added to a video site map and indexed separately from the post itself. Having the videos and the images indexed separately will help you gain more exposure in the search engine.
New WordPress Plugin has a PDF on how to write marketing articles that will help you structure your posts for both the reader and the search engines.
You don’t have to be a guru to learn how to write quality content or to gain the basic search engine optimization skills you need to perform as SEO for WordPress yourself.
SEO For WordPress

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