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There is a continuous stream of premium WordPress plugins being promoted by Internet marketers these days. Before you spend your money on a plugin, PLEASE see how it fits into your overall business plan. Do NOT rely solely on the sales letter to make a business decision.

If an Internet marketer is pushing a new plugin every week and the majority of them are under $40.00 and you have the opportunity to purchase private label rights, resell rights or master resell rights you MUST ask yourself how much value will the plugin add to your blog. I also have to wonder who is going to provide support for these plugins and how long it will be until they are abandoned for the next quick buck.
Quality plugins frequently cost $35.00 to $250.00 each and no really useful plugins almost never include private label rights, resell rights or master resell rights. Some of these premium plugins only have a single site license while others allow the installation of the plugin on an unlimited number of domains that you own.
A few premium plugins also limit the number of free upgrades that you get with your purchase. As these plugins are developed, new features are often added in addition to the bug fixes that are often necessary so getting updates can be very important to blog security.
It is nice to have plugins that will help automate your marketing, that automate adding content or that make your blog a little more fun for your visitors BUT you need to consciously decide whether the plugin adds real value to you or your visitors and whether that value is worth more than the slowdown in the load time of your site.
For example: A plugin is currently being promoted that will automatically pull in articles from the Ezine Articles article directory then add a header and footer paragraph to each article that are keyword optimized. The sales letter states that you will rank well without writing a word once this is set up.
Common sense should tell you that trying to game the search engines like that will only work for so long before it is discovered and the sites are devalued or delisted. I’ve known about this tactic for at least two years so I’m betting it is being sold as a WordPress plugin to lazy or inexperienced marketers to gain funding for the next ‘underground’ or ‘secret’ tactic you’ll hear about when they start to die.
WordPress plugins are a hot commodity because there are so many WordPress users with a wide variety of skill levels. WordPress is a great platform to use to build your business but use your business plan, common sense and tips from people you trust to choose the plugins you can use to make things easier.



WordPress Plugins – A Very Hot Commodity

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