It's about cash.

Does this phrase describe your feelings about your business?

I have learned that this is the mindset of many new business owners. When asked what the money will be used for, I am told to gain time freedom, create a retirement, income, replace their current income or a variety of other reason.

If the business owner is still talking to me after this discussion, I try to tactfully point out that the real reasons they are in business are the ones they just told me and that money is just a tool that is used to reach their goals.

  1. A few companies have been bad and given the industry a bad name.
  2. New affiliates aren't properly trained by their sponsors or the company.
  3. Affiliates are sold the hype instead of the reality. (Most affiliates will only sponsor 2 or 3 people but they are shown incomes being earned by the top affiliates or are given unbelievable projections.)
  4. People have the lottery mentality so they want to believe huge incomes are possible with little or no work involved.

Anyone can sell anything if they are passionate about it.

The above statement sounds like hype doesn't it? Think back to your childhood when you had no money and no power but you had an overwhelming desire for a specific toy or some other item. You had to sell your parents or another relative on the benefits of buying you what you wanted. Sometimes you whined, nagged, bargained or used a unique approach to reach your goal. The one thing you did not do was give up until you had what you most desired at that time.

You had to sell your employer on the idea you would be a good employee before you were hired. If you are married, you had to sell your mate that you would be a good life partner and you must continue showing your partner that they made the right decision in both words and actions each day.

Many of us in the industrialized countries have places to live, jobs plenty of food and easily accessible transportation so we often aren't willing to work a home based business opportunity like a second or third job and that is exactly what is required to succeed.

If you are a person that can look within yourself to find the hunger necessary to work towards a specific goal for both the short term and long term, you might have what it takes to build the future you are dreaming of.

Network marketing can be the best and most rewarding business there is if you are willing to look at the long term picture and spend the time and money required to reach your goals. The business you choose must fit with your fundamental beliefs or you will never remain passionate or faithful long enough to honestly represent the products you are selling.

Are you the type of person that can stick to goals that start at ten years and work backwords to the present? Can you honestly see any real benefits that people will receive by associating themselves with you and the company you represent?

Tip: Money is not a benefit. Money is a tool that is used to acquire what you desire.

Look at companies that fit your belief system and then look for the benefits they offer you and others before you look the compensation plan or anything else.

Find a good company for you, seek out a mentor in that company then learn how to become a good mentor to those you sponsor and you will be well down the path towards your goal.

A New Business Owner’s Mindset

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