There are five activities you should be doing on a consistent basis that will help you generate long-term traffic to your website or blog. These are…

1. Keep A List Of Post Ideas
Always carry a notepad with you and keep one by your bedside so you can write ideas down as they occur to you. You can be browsing a competitor’s site, reading a trade magazine, watching the news, watching a television show or a movie or doing any of a variety of activities when an idea pops in your mind. If you do not write it down at that moment, it will probably be lost forever. Your notes need to be detailed when you write them down.
Don’t just write down ‘write an article on marketing’. Make the list of the different types of marketing you want to write on that you are comfortable sharing with others. The more detailed your list the more content you will be able to create with each piece being targeted on a specific expertise within your niche.
This list should be started before you write your first article and it is necessary to continue it as long as you are in that niche. You may find that your list is longer than the content you will need on your site or blog and that is a good thing as you will see below.
Note: Highly targeted posts and articles give the search engines exactly what they want so they can deliver your content to readers that are looking for exactly what you wrote about.
2. Keep A List Of Blogs That You Would Like To Write Content For
When you first started researching your niche, you probably visited a lot of sites that were already established in the niche that you were looking at. Every quality site that you looked at should have been recorded so you can go back to the sites to see what’s going on in your niche, with your competitor and to possibly write unique content for the webmaster that site.
This may seem counter intuitive but it’s actually a very smart move on your part if that webmaster allows you to write guest content.
That website is already established; it probably has a loyal following and may already be building authority in the niche and the search engines already have it indexed.
If the webmaster allows you to write guest content, you will be helping yourself with branding, you will be reaching an audience that may not have found your site yet and you will be gaining a valuable search engine friendly back link. As your relationship with at webmaster grows, you may become friends or even joint venture partners in a future project.
3. Build Relationships Using Twitter
People do business with and support people they know, like and trust. Twitter is a platform designed to build relationships. It is not the place to directly sell but it is a great place to recommend products or services to your friends AFTER you have established a solid relationship.
The more time you spend helping others on Twitter and engaging in conversation with them the more benefit you will receive when you actually post links to your blog to gain traffic or sales.
4. Leave Blog Comments
Every blog post or article that you read that has the comments section enabled is an open invitation to enter into the conversation started by the blog post or article you just read.
Intelligent comments either in agreement or in disagreement add to the conversation.  Your comment on the post will help show your expertise or interest in the subject.  Every comment you make helps brand you and each comment helps you become established within that community. The back link to your site with your name as the anchor text will help in the search engines too.
5. Become An Active Forum Participant
Forms pertaining to your niche are another great place to create relationships, build your brand and get backlinks from forum signatures to generate highly targeted traffic.
Like Twitter, consistent action in the forums that you participate in takes time and effort but the results can be long lasting and well worth the effort.
Forum participation and Twitter building can and should be started before your blog and maintained just as long as you maintain your blog because both help extend your reach.
I want to thank the author of 5 Things All Prebloggers Should Be Doing Now to Get Traffic Later for the inspiration to write this article. I know and do most of the stuff mentioned above but I did not think to detail them in a post until I read this article. I hope you use to lessons presented in her article or mine to understand why you need to incorporate them into the actions you consistently take.



Five Activities That Will Get You More Traffic

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