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There are many potential roadblocks that can slow or stop your progress towards the business success you desire. Here are some of them.

No Business Plan
The old saying that says ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ couldn’t be more true. Your business plan is your roadmap that helps you stay on track. A business without a written plan has no clear path to success. No clearly defined path usually means a lot of false starts, backtracks and little, if any, progress towards a vague goal.
Lack Of Focus
People are more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust.
If you jump from program to program every 30-60 days or less, how are people going to learn enough about you to see you as a potential business associate?
You need to pick one program and stick with it for at least 90 days before deciding whether it is right for you. Additionally, you need to find ONE Mentor within that program to learn everything you can about how best to make that business work for YOU.
If your Mentor recommends a specific method of lead and traffic generation, stick with it exclusively until you have mastered it enough to add the next level of training.
You will need a minimum of 300 unique visitors per day to get one action taker in many of the businesses that exist online. Text ad exchanges regularly deliver these visitors for many marketers at varying levels of experience.
If you ignore the advice of your Mentor or choose the wrong person to follow, you might try to add list builders, safelists, traffic exchanges, forum marketing, article marketing or search engine optimization before you are ready or without knowing the value of each method.
Some of the promotional methods mentioned above work well but require additional funds, some work well but require too much time to start using until you get established in business and some methods are not worth the time required to use them. If you don’t know which is which, you could slow down or eliminate your business success chances.
Improperly Budgeting Your Business
You must invest time, money or both to build a successful business. If you don’t have an operating budget of at least $50 per month, you can still succeed but you will need to put in more time and accept that it will take longer to reach the level of success you desire.
Listen to your Mentor and reinvest the majority of any monies received back into your business and you will begin to see a snowball effect. If you improperly invest your time or money, you will hinder, stall or reverse your march towards business success.



Business Success Roadblocks

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