I think Network Marketing is tough business model to work in the industrialized nations for several reasons.

  • Look at the product or products first to see if you will feel good about being a customer and whether you would be able and willing to successfully share the benefits of owning the product.
  • You then need to see whether you can get the same or a similar product elsewhere for about the same or less cost.
  • Does the company have a good record on product delivery, support, payments to affiliates and training?
  • Are marketing materials provided or are they going to be an additional expense if you become an affiliate?
  • Find out whether the person that introduced you to the company will support you while you learn or if they’ll move on to recruit someone else and leave you to learn the business and get support directly from the company or another affiliate.
  • Thoroughly study the compensation plan before becoming an affiliate to see what the real income potential will be for you.
  • Experience numerous company presentations and training events before becoming an affiliate to judge for yourself the effectiveness and to gauge the group’s spirit.

I think too many marketers forget that they are and always will be consumers before they can market anything. Do you think you will be able to successfully promote anything for very long if the product, products or services don’t fit in your belief system, if you are unhappy with the company, if you aren’t sold on the compensation plan or if you do not receive the training you need to succeed?

Network Marketing Is Tough

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