This is a continuation of my Business Success Primer For Beginners post. You can succeed but you must plan, learn and then act on what you’ve learned.

Good coaches and mentors always start their students out with a single promotional method. This is to give the student time to get in the habit of consistently promoting their business.

It is very hard, if not impossible, for many people to successfully multi-task. Because of this, good leaders teach only the basics until the student Ken complete the daily tasks without thinking about them.
There are many different ways that a beginner can be taught to promote their business but some methods have a higher learning curve and take longer to start generating the results that a beginner needs to see if they’re going to stay with that business instead of looking for greener pastures.
If you start with text ad exchanges and spend a minimum of 2 hours per day doing nothing but promoting ads in these exchanges by doing a copy and paste of your ad, you will be well on your way to generating at least 300 unique visitors per day to your site in 30 days or less.
The total number of hits that you receive on your advertising links is not as important as the number of unique clicks on your link. Ideally, you want the number of unique clicks to be a large percentage of your overall clicks on each link.
To gauge the effectiveness of your advertising, you need to track each ad in each exchange so you know which site is delivering results.
By knowing which sites and which ads are generating results, you can spend your time promoting at those sites in replace the nonperforming sites with new ones to test.
When you find an ad that is effective, you can tweak the headline in test it in the same text ad exchange to see if it is more effective or less effective than the original.
If you do not test every ad and every exchange that you use, it is going to be impossible to tweak your ads and know whether you are improving their effectiveness or making them less effective.
Your goal is to generate more leads with the same amount of work and you can only accomplish this by tracking your ads, by testing your ads, by tweaking your ads and by repeating the process. Trak4u should be in your tracking arsenal and  Free Traffic Hotline currently has promo codes for free advertising to about 600 text ad exchanges.
If you effectively use these services, you can concentrate on building your business and achieving the business success you desire instead of bouncing from advertising method to advertising method or program to program.

Business Success Primer For Beginners Pt2

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