The law of attraction is great and it has the potential to help you acquire the abundance you deserve BUT it doesn’t tell you one vital piece of information.

You are told there is more than enough abundance to go around, you are told to visualize what you want and you are told to remove negativity from your life but I think the most important piece of the attraction process was left unsaid.
The universe pays attention to what you think about most both consciously and unconsciously. If you are unconsciously dwelling on the negative things in your life or that could happen to you, this is a sign that these are the most important things to you and you will be attracting them.
The video below shares what I think the missing piece is and WHY I think it’s so vital.
Did the video help you see why action is the missing ingredient?
The more you can clearly visualize your desires the more you will be bringing your conscious and unconscious minds into agreement. A clearly defined plan of action plus consistent action towards your desire helps keep the negativity at bay and your positive actions help broadcast that your desire is very important to you.


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The Law Of Attraction Is Incomplete
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