Have you ever wondered why some marketers will only talk about how much money you can make in their business and how fast? I always wonder the following when I see an ad or website of this type:


  • How long has this person been in business?
  • Are they really making the money they claim can be made?
  • Are they able to teach me an easy to duplicate system?
  • What is the product or products they are not talking about?
  • How long has the company they are promoting been in business?
  • Is the market saturated or will a newcomer be able to prosper?
  • Will they support me if I join them or will I be left to find my way without support?

I'm of the opinion that you must investigate these areas:

Let's say you want a new house. Paint a picture of that in your mind that shows the floor plan, how it will be decorated and furnished. Get an image that is so clear you can almost smell the fresh paint, feel the texture of the floor coverings and see the landscaping. Find and print out the blueprints. If you can get a picture of a similar house, put it where you constantly look at it to remind yourself what you are seeking.

Distance yourself from any negative energies in your life that will slow you down or prevent you from getting what you desire.

Look through an electronic microscope at any solid object and you will see the atoms are surrounded by protons and neutrons which are electrically charged. People that consistently tell you that you cannot reach your goal are creating a negative energy field that will act like an energy barrier. Being around people that are consistently negative about almost everything, even if it isn't directly related to what you are seeking, will also set up a disruptive negative energy barrier.

Associate with people that are positive or people that have positive goals so you can help each other create the vision you've created and lived in your mind.

2. A Business Plan.

Have a vision is great and acting on opportunities that present themselves is just as important but you must create a blueprint that will start you towards your goal.

Think about trying to build the house you seek without a blueprint, a clear design, an idea of what it will cost or the knowledge of the materials you will need.

The house will not get built without good plans and action.

Your vision may vary but one thing that is consistent is that action by you is required before you can start attracting what you seek. Being physically fit requires you to eat properly and exercise. A dietary plan and an exercise regimen designed by professionals will yield the best results. A house or other items that can be purchased require a financial blueprint. This blueprint will have your house or whatever it is you seek as the long term goal but you also need short term and mid-range goals that let you measure your progress and give you the opportunity to reward yourself for achieving these milestones.

Please remember that the cost of the land, the house, the landscaping and the furnishings are just the beginning. You will also need ongoing revenues for maintenance, insurance, utilities and living the lifestyle you've envisioned.

Choose the business and business model that fits your belief system and works in harmony with you makes it easier to share without disrupting your positive energy and attraction of your vision.

3. The proper tools.

You cannot use your blueprint to reshape your body, mind or financial situation to make your vision a reality if you do not have the proper tools for you.

Businesses can be built using word of mouth, phone calls to prospects, email marketing and many other methods. You do not need to be a master of all methods but you must find something that works for you then build on it.

Consistent action day in and day out while building your knowledge and business is what is important.

Keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities that will help you achieve your goal quicker but always make sure these are real opportunities that fit within your beliefs and that they are a positive move that won't detract from your blueprint.

Over deliver when dealing with customers or associates.

If you give someone that has done business an unexpected bonus or more than they paid for, you are telling them you appreciate their business and you are giving them a good reason to think about recommending you to their friends and family.

Getting what you desire is a simple 3 step process.

Create a clear vision, create a viable blueprint on how to make your vision your reality and then use the proper tools to make your vision real.

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