There are many reasons people fail to achieve business success online. I’m going to share with you just a few reasons you may fail.

Treat Your Business Like A Business

Too many people fail at this step. Many people that I know and see treat their home based business more like a hobby than a business and hobbies are almost never profitable.
To achieve success in any business, you must plan before you take action.
In the offline world where there is usually a large investment of both time and money before you open the doors to your business you must research or market, set your goals, set your operating budget, set your business hours, create a marketing plan, pick your business location and much more before you even start.
For some reason, many people believe they can skip the above steps with a home based business that is going to be operating online. The people that ignore the steps are almost always going to fail and then wonder why they failed.
Each step is a separate point of potential failure.

Market Research

Market research is visiting forums in your potential niche to see what problems people are seeking solutions to on a regular basis. Yahoo answers in similar sites will also show you problems that need solutions. Ebay Pulse will also show you what is selling in a variety of categories. Amazon has a list of best Sellers in every category that they have. If you choose to sell as an affiliate using ClickBank products, you can use their stats to get an idea on how well a particular product is selling and you can use to get a better view of the demographics of the people that are visiting the domain for the product you are researching. He

Goal Setting

When you physically write your goals on paper, you are making them real and when you can attach a picture or a physical representation to each goal that you can look at daily it will become easier to visualize why you are working your business.

Operating Budget

Every successful business has expenses. Even if you intend to work as an affiliate, you will need a professional grade auto-responder, a professional grade ad tracker and you will need money for paid advertising. At some point, you will need to own one or more domains and have your own hosting account to reach any kind of success.

Business Hours

Every successful offline business has set hours or the business owner is focusing on nothing but that business and their customers. Online, you still need to maintain a schedule so you know when you will be marketing, when you will be available for customer support, when you will be evaluating your business and when you will be planning the next step you need to take to achieve the business success you desire.

Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is the tool that you will use to map out your mix of free and paid advertising. Your operating budget and expertise will dictate whether you spend more time or money marketing your business. The right kind of free advertising can work very well but it is also very labor intensive. Your time has value and you only have so much time to devote to your business so you have to make a business decision on the amount of money and the amount of time gets allocated to marketing.

Business Location

In the offline world, the physical location of your business plays a huge part in the success or failure of your business venture.
The online equivalent is the domain name used for your business. A domain name that includes the word or phrase that people are typing into the search engines to find the product or service you are selling will help bring you highly targeted free traffic. This is especially true if your site is one of the first three results shown on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase.
There are many different platforms you can use as the foundation for your website. Some platforms are more user friendly, some are more search engine friendly and a few our search engine friendly, user friendly and webmaster friendly. I believe WordPress falls into this last category.
You can take WordPress and easily give it the look and feel that fits your visitors’ expectations for the niche that you are serving. WordPress has a learning curve but once you learn how to use it you can easily add images, video or audio in addition to text base content.
In addition to selling your products or services or by selling other peoples’ products or services as an affiliate, you can use WordPress to power your own membership or e- commerce site. The WordPress script is very flexible, very powerful because of a large quantity of quality plugins and themes and it is relatively easy to create a virtual storefront that both your visitors and the search engines will love.


The success or failure of your business online will depend upon how well you planned your business, whether you have the discipline to complete each step in the business building process, whether you tracked your success or failure as you are moving through the process and whether you reinvested in your business and in yourself until your goals have been met.
You will fail at least once but the trick is to learn from your failure so you don’t repeat the same mistakes again when you make another attempt to achieve your business success.



Why People Fail To Achieve Business Success Online

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