Are you starting and running a home based business or is a home based business a dream you are chasing? Do you know the difference between the two?

Home Based Business

People that are serious about a home based business treat it like a business. They set their goals, they create a business plan, they do research on the business opportunity that they’re considering, they set their operating budget, they determine their business hours and they learn as much as they can about their potential clients and competitors before they even start.

Home Based Business Dreamers

The people that fall into this category are the same type of people that play the lottery every week. They want to be able to plop down a few dollars then sit back and wait for the huge payday they’re constantly dreaming about.
This lottery mentality is what makes these people easy targets for marketers that promise you 4 to 6 figures per month in income in 30 days or less with little or no work.
Do you honestly believe that these marketers would be working every day and trying to sell you their products if they were consistently making the kind of money that they claim you can make by buying their product?
If you had a home based business online and were making $100,000 a year or more with part time effort, would you take the time to expand your business or to teach others how to compete against you?
Some of these marketers actually enjoy teaching and are very good at it. A few are even in niches where they will benefit financially by helping you become successful in their business.
A small number of marketers are good enough at making money in niches that have absolutely nothing to do with making money that they can comfortably teach you how to make money because it is unlikely that you will enter in the same niche they’re operating in. Even if you did stumble into that same niche, there’s quite often room for many competitors.
Other marketers are very poor teachers and they sell the dream using slick copywriting and your greed to drain your wallet instead of teaching you how to add the money you desire to it.
As a dreamer, you will jump from one hyped up opportunity or product to another until you finally get tired of it and either give up on the idea of running your own business or you choose a single mentor that will teach you how to start a home based business that you can use to set yourself free.
You can buy into the hype and let these dream stealers take your dream away from you or you can plan then build your home based business so you can turn your dreams into your reality.
Home Based Business Or Home Based Dream

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