Automation of some of your business is necessary but too much automation can hurt your business and some types of automation may even destroy your business.

Using WordPress to automate your website creation is a smart business decision because it can be used to save you both time and money.
WordPress does have a learning curve but then almost everything worth having in business also has a learning curve.
With WordPress, you can safely automate:
  • Some search engine optimization aspects.
  • Some backlink-building.
  • Some monetization methods.
  • When posts are published.
You should always consider the user experience when you consider any automation method.
In some niches, you can get by using other peoples’ content as the majority of the content on your blog.  In other niches, however, building your business on other peoples’ content could be disastrous.
If you are using other people’s content as the foundation for your business, the monetization method you that you choose to help your success or destroy your business.
I get the impression from this Google blog post that anyone using user generated content and Google Adsense to monetize their site is risking the loss of their Google Adsense account.
There are many ways to monetize your blog and Google Adsense is only one of them. Even if you monetize your site using a different method, you want to try to create a user experience where the person wants to spend some time on your site reading the content before they click away.
If a visitor comes to your site and stays less than 30 seconds then clicks away, your bounce rate increases. The higher your bounce rate the more Google sees this as a sign that you are providing a poor user experience. As a result, it’s likely that your site will show up lower in the search engine results if it isn’t de-indexed completely.
Choose your business model carefully, test your monetization methods and know your market as well as possible.
The more you know you market the easier it will be to give them exactly what they want and the easier it will be to judge how much automation is too much with in that niche. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about your market the more power you have to easily tap into it to generate the cash flow that you desire without working harder than is necessary.

Jerry McCoy
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Too Much Automation Can Be Dangerous

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