Advertising mistakes can kill a marketing campaign before it even gets started. Most marketers make one or more mistakes that can easily be avoided. Which mistakes are you making?

The video below covers 10 common mistakes their often made by marketers regardless of their experience level. Watch the video and see which of the 10 mistakes mentioned in the video are being made by you.


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Even though the video was made by someone that one’s the traffic site, I see many of the same advertising mistakes when I moderate articles in an article directory, when I see pay per click ads and in ezine advertising.
As the video stated, you should always test the URL you will be using in your advertising and you should always copy and paste your advertising copy into the correct fields on the advertising form to minimize your mistakes. If you take the time to make a small adjustment to your routine, you will be avoiding many of the most common advertising mistakes made by marketers.



Advertising Mistakes You Can Avoid
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