Unless you have a unique product that’s in demand, people can choose from a variety of the vendors. Your job is to define what you can provide to your customers that is a little bit different or better than your competitors so your perceived value increases to the point they decide to become your customer.


Some of the things you might look at are:

  • Adding free bonuses that are related to the product or service you are selling.
  • Offering a customer only newsletter that delivers additional tips or information.
  • Free coaching by Instant Messenger, email, telephone or voice chat room.
  • A coupon offering a healthy discount on the next product they buy from you.
  • Offer quality and consistent customer service that encourages trust and word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers.

How you distinguish yourself from your competitors depends on your skill level, preferences, style and testing what works best in pulling in customers.

You can have guest articles once in awhile but you also need quality articles of your own to maintain credibility in your field.

I haven’t started a newsletter because they are a lot of work and I haven’t thought of a niche where I’m comfortable cranking out new articles on topic 1-4 times a month in addition to the marketing I do.

MY list is a list of people I’ve come in contact with over the years through various network marketing programs. We each have our own desires and interests but we are comfortable enough with each other we can send recommendations and URL’s to each other without fearing a spam complaint.

Do what you are comfortable doing instead of following advice that’s in a book that may be outdated before it is published.

I’ve heard safelist advertising is dead and automatic surf exchanges are a waste of time but I’m using these methods every single day to get signups into the network marketing programs I’m working.

I think almost any method will work. Some methods are better than others but you must consistently take action towards your goal and you need to ALWAYS test your advertising and try new ads to see how you can improve what you are doing.

Please remember that most humans can only focus on 1-3 tasks at any given time. Choose the advertising method you are most comfortable with and become the very best you can at using that method before you start learning another to add to your advertising mix.

Why Should Someone Choose To Be Your Customer?

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