The SEO expert you listen to can help you get positioned better in the search engine results despite algorithm changes or set you up to vanish.

I’ve been on 3 different webinars recently where SEO experts were interviewed about using their search engine optimization skills on WordPress powered sites. Some of the advice that was delivered was scary if used by do-it-yourself search engine optimization people.
One of the experts was asked if it was okay to place the post in more than one category. The answer was he saw no problem with it.
I don’t make a living doing SEO but I do know Google frowns on duplicate content.
Search engine spiders crawl each page, post and category. To me, finding a post in more than one category is duplicate content even if the URL is the same. I may be wrong but I see very few, if any, bloggers or webmasters physically copying content into multiple areas of their site but some believe they’ve experienced the negative effects caused by duplicate content.
Most WordPress themes are made with the site title in the header with an H1 tag assigned to it. Two different SEO experts suggested assigning the site title to and H2 tag and making the post titles H1 tags instead of the H2 tags assigned by most themes.
In theory, this sounds like a good idea. You, ideally, want your post titles seen as the most important element on the page. The problems for beginners occur when you use home page displays that present snippets of multiple posts. Under the H1 for post title scenario, you could have 5-10 H1 tags on your home page.
The search engines may or may not penalize you for this but many browsers return coding errors on pages with multiple H1 tags and a few go so far as to label them as spam and block their display.
I have the skills needed to edit my theme’s CSS style sheets to make post titles H1 but I would sooner take a small hit in the potential SEO benefit to ensure my site has fewer coding errors so ALL browsers will display my content to potential visitors.
On page search engine optimization is only one third of the equation anyway. The quality of your content and off page optimization (backlinks) make up the rest of the equation. Use common sense and carefully choose your SEO expert or you may be ranked well but not getting the results you desire.
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Choose Your SEO Expert Carefully

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