I’ve seen many people say they won’t join a Network Marketing or MLM type business because they hate the idea of selling. These same people might spend the next 2 hours telling you why you should go to see the movie they are telling you about.


They are trying to sell you on seeing the movie using network marketing without being paid for their efforts by either the theater or movie company.

We first started our selling careers when we were kids. Every child desires the latest and greatest thing, social gathering or whatever gathers their attention at that moment and the only way they can have that desired filled is to sell their friends and/or parents on the benefits of fulfilling their desires.

Graphics are recommended when they help clarify your text, make the point you are making more powerful and as a visual anchor to help remember what your text says.

Search engine optimization which is often referred to as SEO isn't rocket science if you learn the basics and use a little common sense.

The blind use readers to tell them what's on a website. These readers cannot see your graphics or JavaScript. Think of search engine spiders in the same way because they have similar limitations.

Use Title tags on every hyperlink so they can be read by the spiders and readers and use image tags so they can provide useful information for both the disabled reader and search engines.

Name your hyperlinks and graphics with keyword rich names that are appropriate to your topic so they are meaningful to the reader and the search engine spider.

Did you know that many visitors to a site visit the Frequently Asked Questions section before going to other pages. I know the FAQ's will give me honest information without the fluff and hype I usually find on other pages so they are very important.

Site Maps are just as important as FAQ's because your customers are in a hurry and don't want to click multiple links to find what they are seeking. If they don't see what they want on your Main Menu or on the site map, you've probably lost them.

Do You Hate To Sell?

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