Most business owners start out with a limited advertising budget but some try to start with a budget of $0.00 and this is a big mistake. I will show you why and this article.

Free advertising is great if you use the right kind.
The only way to know which advertising method is working is to track your results from each source so you can drop the ones that are not producing and concentrate more on the ones that are producing results. Most free tracking services are not reliable enough to do the job that you need or they limit the amount of tracking URLs that you can have as a free member. The bottom line is that you will need to pay for a professional grade tracker if you’re going to grow a business online.
The most affordable professional grade ad tracking service that I have found is Trak4u. Trak4u gives you unlimited trackers for $19.99 a year.
Then ad tracking service gives you the ability to see whether those safe lists, ad blasters and classified ad sites that you are using are worth your time. I’m willing to bet that you will find that the results are minimal at best.
If you switch to using list builders and text ad exchanges, I’m sure you results will improve provided you are using enough of them.
If you are working in the income opportunity niche, you will need to see a minimum of 300 unique visitors per day every day to get the results that you are seeking.
You cannot reach this level of traffic by clicking for credits at each text ad exchange. The reason you cannot reset level traffic by clicking for credits is that it takes thousands of credits that beach text ad exchange to purchase a single solo ad or a login ad using your points.
To reach the 300 unique visitors per day level, you will need to send advertisements from 50 to 200 text ad exchanges per day at least five days a week and this cannot be done if you are wasting time clicking for credits.
The solution is ad service called Free Traffic Hotline. Free Traffic Hotline has a free membership level but it will not help you reach your goals unless you also click for credits. The gold membership that $23.90 per year is what will free up your time so you can build your business and actually achieve business success provided you take consistent action.
The Free Traffic Hotline gold membership gives you enough promo codes for free login ads, solo ads, banner ads and other advertising types that are less effective but still useful.
You can spend 5 to 10 hours per week clicking for credits which means you will have 5 to 10 hours per week that you will not be able to promote your business OR you can let the owners of Free Traffic Hotline spend their time gathering promo codes so you can concentrate on promoting your business.
If they spend 5 hours a week gathering promo codes that is 260 hours promotion time per year and 10 hours per week is 520 hours promotion time per year that is freed up for you as a gold member at $23.90 per year.
Most business people that I know will gladly trade about 46 cents a week to gain an additional 5 to 10 hours of promotional time. Are you one of those people that would prefer clicking for credits over treating a small amount of cash so you have the time you need to actually create the business success that you desire? If you are, you are killing your chance of achieving any measurable level of business success they can be easily duplicated by others.



Are You Killing Your Business By Saving Pennies?

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