Power List Marketing I’m writing this Power List Marketing review for those that may not have looked at the program recently, if at all. If you do business online, you will want to read this article.

Power List Marketing aka PLM is a viral list building program that is designed to benefit novice mar ke ters as well as professional marketers. You are the only person that can decide whether this resource can help you reach your goals.

My Power List Marketing Dislikes

I do NOT like popups of any kind and PLM uses pops that stay within the current browser window. Even though I dislike popups, I use them in certain situations because of one factor. THEY WORK.
To get the most credits for the viral aspect of PLM, you need to either promote the program or buy credits to get the most exposure possible with the least effort. I understand why this is necessary but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The one thing that takes the sting out of it is the system works.

My Power List Marketing Likes

PLM lets you create a link for any legal web page without the need to have technical skills beyond copy and paste. As you are creating a link, you choose the general category the link fits into so the prospects that see your link are somewhat targeted.
You can take any of your affiliate links and use them to create PLM links which will trigger a popup that has an opt in box where you can offer a free report, product or additional information related to the page you are promoting so you can start building a relationship with the prospect.
People that choose to remain free Power List Marketing members are limited to one list with 3 follow up messages. The higher membership options let you create more lists and you can also use third party auto-responders if you wish.
The PLM optin forms you create are NOT limited to just text or text plus images. You can place videos in the popup window your prospects will see by copying and pasting the embed code just like you would on a web page.
PLM has a PDF user manual and a video gallery that will show you every aspect of setting up the system.
You are probably promoting your affiliate link through untargeted advertising venues right now. Some of these venues are safelists, traffic exchanges, classified advertising sites and text ad exchanges. With some of these advertising resources, people must click a link to receive credit towards future advertising. If you were using a Power List Marketing link, you’d be receiving credits for the display of your full page ad to a targeted audience in the PLM network in addition to the benefits derived from your current advertising source.
Which sounds best to you, advertising and getting exposure once or advertising and getting exposure twice plus the possibility of an optin to your auto-responder?
If you’ve found this Power List Marketing review, you can click any link in this article to see a PLM link in action while visiting the Power List Marketing home page.

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Power List Marketing Review
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