Online free advertising resources work & can be profitable in many ways IF you know how to use them correctly. Do you know which advertising type is best for many marketers?

There are many ways to advertise your business online. A few of the better known ways are:
  • Classified ads
  • Banner ads
  • Traffic exchanges
  • Safelists
  • Text ad exchanges 
Each of the methods mentioned above is used by almost every new marketer. More experienced marketers may use some of these methods but they only use advertising sites that have shown through testing to produce results.

Text Ad Exchanges

The right text ad exchanges regularly generate both leads and profits for marketers that know their target audience in this medium is other marketers.
These marketers create ads that are designed to help their prospects grow their current business while learning how to market successfully so the prospect gains trust in the more experienced marketer and is ready to follow them when their current business fails them.
Experienced marketers continuously test every advertising resource and every ad to see which combination works best.
Knowledgeable marketers rarely, if ever, click emails for credits in the text ad exchanges they use. They pay a yearly fee to Free Traffic Hotline to receive a regular supply of promo codes for online free advertising at hundreds of text ad exchanges that regularly generate results.
These promo codes often include free solo ads, banner ads, login ads and more. Testing has revealed that solo ads and login ads both work very well in many different traffic exchanges. Banner advertising isn’t as effective as it once was but it still works well enough it’s worth using when you have time to put banners in place.
Many existing exchanges add new promo codes throughout the year and new site owners often give Free Traffic Hotline exclusive promo codes to their new text ad exchanges. This advertising resource saves me and other marketers at least 5 hours a week because we can grab the promo codes and go promote our businesses instead of clicking for credits or taking time to hunt down the promo codes ourselves.
The owners of Free Traffic Hotline use the same services they share with us so they KNOW which ones generate leads and sales and which ones aren’t worth using. Their ad testing and the ad testing from other marketers shows that online free advertising works quite well when done correctly.

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