It doesn’t matter if you are new to business or have been doing business either on or offline, you’ve probably heard, ‘The money is in the list.’. I will agree with that statement to a point BUT starting a list means nothing and it will NOT benefit you if you don’t clearly define the purpose for creating the list and how people will benefit as a subscriber to your list.


Your subscribers will trust you only if they are receiving good information from you more often than they see product endorsement ads from you.

If these marketers tracked their advertising, they could dump the methods that are costing them time, energy and money.

Track all of your advertising.

Know exactly what is working and you can tweak it to improve it. You can expend more time, effort or money expanding the use of something that's working. Other advertising methods can be tested to see if they are viable.

You will not know which lead generation methods work if you don't test.

Every component must be tested for effectiveness. This means your headlines, ad copy, lead capture pages, splash pages, sales pages, follow up messages and any thank you messages, pages or backend sales material.

Document everything you do so you don't repeat something that isn't worth repeating and so you don't forget an important task. You are in control of how you spend your time so do it wisely.

Choose your marketing tools and lead generation methods wisely.

You must determine what works best for you when generating leads. Use your knowledge, testing, budget and the tools that are right for you.

For example: I'm looking forward to using a new piece of software I have that will help me keep in touch with my current organization once everyone has been entered into the contact manager and to using the lead generation part of the software using VOIP and the software to do the cold calling for me. (My time is limited so I need tools that let me maximize my marketing efforts with minimal time.)

This system should provide me a steady stream of leads so I can concentrate on building relationships based on trust and respect. You can find out more about Gold Calling by looking in Web Links.

Create a lead generation system that you can manage, control and grow if you want to have a thriving and growing business.

Are Newsletters And Lists Right For You?

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