Many are questioning the importance of article marketing since the last Google update. I think it’s still important BUT article directories aren’t as important as they once were.

For years, article directories like Ezine Articles and article distribution services like iSnare were the center pieces used by everyone that used article marketing for SEO and traffic generation but the Internet and marketplace has grown and evolved.

People want to be able to interact with the author’s creation AND they do not want to be overwhelmed with advertising when they try to read an article.
Article directories have historically used AdSense as their primary revenue source and most use every option they are allowed on each article and the result has been a poor user experience when the article is in the 250-300 word range.
I think article directories are going to be modifying their terms so you’ll need 400 word articles and longer to get approved and I also think the quality required will increase or they’ll lose their relevance.

The Competition

Blogger,, Tumblr and other Web 2.0 properties are giving the traditional article directory a body blow they cannot ignore.
These properties let you embed video and images in your posts which will increase the power of your message in ways a plain article cannot.
Google owns Blogger so creating a niche blog on a long tail keyword phrase then getting it indexed fast is easy. If you create 5-10articles at a time on that phrase, you can paste them into Blogger as scheduled posts.
You can put your keyword rich anchor text in the article body instead of in a resource box and this makes the link MUCH more powerful.
The blog is yours, the content is yours, the look and feel of the site is controlled by you and this control lets you give the visitor a good experience while you build backlinks and traffic from resources YOU control.
These properties need some promotion to be the best they can be for backlinks and traffic but so do articles in article directories now.
There is a lot of competition in almost every niche and the easiest way to get YOUR quality stuff noticed is to market it. Would you rather market content on blogs you control so you build authority for YOU or would you rather promote your content on an article directory so you can build the authority of their site?
Article directories are still useful tools. Instead of putting 2 links to your money site in your resource box, you can put one to your link blog and one to your money site or you can link to 2 different blogs. In my opinion, article directories are still useful even if they aren’t quite as powerful as they once were and article marketing using both article directories and blog networks will be around for quite awhile.



Is Article Marketing Still Important?

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