If you are trying to do business online and do not have a blog or website, you are NOT building any kind of business asset. You can start with a free blog BUT you need to get hosting and your own domain as soon as possible.

Why You Need A Blog

You blog is your home on the internet. This is the place you help people learn about you. People are more likely to buy from someone they know, like and trust than a stranger.
As you brand your name and face, prospecting will become easier because people will recognize your name.
If you place your name in every piece of advertising you can, people WILL search your name before they decide to join you in your business. Your blog will have your name, your picture and more about you in addition to information on your business.
A self-hosted blog that has your name as part of the domain name makes it easier for people to find you among everyone else that has the same name. The domain and hosting package you have also tells visitors you are serious about your business because you cared enough to spend money making a permanent presence online.
Even though you can create blogs for free at Blogger and WordPress.com, they are only a temporary solution because the service can be removed at ANY time and you are building their traffic and brand instead of yours.
Both of these services are good and they are VERY useful for some things but they are not building you an asset you control or can sell and that asset is your own self-hosted blog on your own domain.

Uses For Your Blog

There are many ways you can use your blog and each way has he potential to help you build your brand and business. A few of the ways you can use your blog are:
  • Product reviews – People like to read honest reviews about the products or services they are thinking about buying.
  • Informative articles – Articles that share your knowledge in your niche and how you can help your prospect reach their goals are important.
  • List building – Email lists make it easier to build the relationship, to quickly generate targeted traffic to sites and to generate sales.
  • Training – You can create a secure area on your blog that can be used only by people you have referred into your business for training you don’t want the public to see.
  • Product sales – You can use your blog to sell products as an affiliate or you can set up an ecommerce section of your blog where you can sell products you have created or own rights to.
There are many ways you can use you blog to build your business but you can only discover them if you have one and have planned how you are going to make it an integral part of your business.
Do you have a blog yet and have you started using it?



Do You Have A Blog Yet?

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