Do you allow blog comments on your blog? If you do not allow comments, why not and if yes why did you choose to allow comments? See my choice and why.

Every blogger needs to decide whether or not they will allow comments on their content.
Some state they do NOT allow comments because:
  • They don’t want to deal with all the spam comments.
  • They don’t want to see negative comments.
  • They believe that anyone interested enough in responding to their blog post will write a post on their own blog referencing the post they either agree with or disagree with which provides the original author a backlink.
While each of these points has some merit, I think they are missing out on an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the readers of their blog. Unless you are very well known, respected and liked in your niche, can you afford to give up ANY chance to build name recognition, your brand and loyalty with your visitors?

Spam Comments

Spam comments do exist but they can be minimized with a good spam plugin and captcha plugin in addition to moderating ALL comments.

Negative Comments

Negative comments can be deleted if useless. If it is someone simply disagreeing with your view point and they provide a valid argument, that type of comment just might increase the debate between your readers and even attract more once the search engines see a lot of activity on a post.

Blog Posts Referencing Your Post

People are always in a hurry and are easily distracted. Unless your post REALLY pushes one of their buttons, few will take the time to write on their blogs about the topic and if they do, your post may not be mentioned at all even though it was the inspiration for their post.
Not all pages or posts are suitable for blog comments and that is why WordPress lets you decide whether or not comments will be allowed for each post or page you create.
Your personal preferences, goals and post or page content all play a role in your decision on whether or not you should allow blog comments.
Please tell me whether you allow blog comments and why you made the choice you did.



Do You Allow Blog Comments? Why Or Why Not?
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One thought on “Do You Allow Blog Comments? Why Or Why Not?

  • April 16, 2011 at 9:40 am

    I allow comments on most posts for multiple reasons. Every comment adds content to the page, the interaction from commenters helps attract the search engines and comments can help me get ideas for new posts or products that may help solve problems people have.


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