Money is a tool you use to get what you want and need in life. No one sets out in the make money niche to make money they are in it to solve a problem.

People enter business opportunities to acquire the cash they need to buy gas, food, clothes and anything else they want or need to enjoy life.
You will have an easier time in business if you help people solve their immediate problems. Once their basic needs are met, you can get their attention and help them work towards fulfilling their dreams. No one can focus on a fancy new car, home or toy when the bill collectors are calling and there isn’t enough money to satisfy the needs for health and safety.
Focus on what you know or love.
If you love cars and have the skills needed to teach others how to repair their car, avoid costly repairs through maintenance or get better gas mileage, you can position yourself in front of people that NEED your skills and are HUNGRY for the knowledge you can share.
You don’t need to be a great copy writer or sales person IF you are in front of a crowd that’s in need of what you have and you are able to share the fact that you can satisfy that need.
Think of it this way. If you’re selling blue widgets but people want red widgets you will sell very few, if any, of your blue widgets regardless of how many people visit your store. If, however, you were selling blue widgets and everyone that came by was looking for blue widgets, you would need very little traffic to have a good day because the conversion rate would be very high even if your sales copy stunk.
I see people enter the make money niche almost on a daily basis that are ignoring their passion and skills because they believe they have to use business opportunities to make money.
Buying enough products from the Internet marketing niche to learn how to sell in a niche where you can use your skills and passions to help solve their problems will help you make more money with less stress. Learn to profit from what you enjoy and you will never feel like you are working a job.



Avoid The Make Money Niche
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