Many bloggers put up WordPress blogs and they have no idea how to organize it for maximum benefit for both users and search engines and this is costing them business.

If you choose a theme for its look over its functionality, you might be slowing the load time and hindering efficient navigation around your site.
Are your images optimized with Alt tags, named as keywords, hosted on your server and reduced in size? If not, you are missing out on potential traffic.
If you use video, are you using both self-hosted and YouTube videos to get the best of both platforms. Do you have a good video sitemap for your self-hosted videos?
Are you using a link cloaking plugin that lets you cloak and track affiliate links to the links look like they are yours and the search engine doesn’t get pulled away from your site?
Is an internal linking structure in place that helps build backlinks and traffic to your money pages?
Do you have a visible sitemap so visitors and search engines are never more than a click away from any page on your site?
Are the links leading away from your site set to open in a new window so visitors can easily return to your blog?
Do you use words that give clues to the content on the destination page for every hyperlink you create? This anchor text gets indexed. Search the phrase click here on Google and you WILL be shocked by the variety of pages returned in the 1.5 BILLION pages indexed.
Optimizing your blog to put yourself ahead of your competition requires some thought, some positive action on a regular basis and some premium plugins.
I highly recommend you join New WordPress Plugin if you feel you need a little more WordPress knowledge and I strongly recommend you download a free report titled ‘4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic’ for the blog optimizing tips it offers.



Do You Have WordPress Optimized For Traffic?
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