Are You Overlooking A Potential Gold Mine With Offline Businesses?

WordPress, social media and mobile devices are understood by most people that do Internet Marketing but offline businesses don’t even understand the basics.

If you already know the basics of Internet Marketing, WordPress and social media, you have enough knowledge to create a very lucrative and recurring income as an offline consultant in your local market. Even if you don’t know the basics you know where to look for the training and resources that you need to acquire the skills.
Most local business owners know the value of advertising, they know they have to spend money to make money and they know they need to have a website and many know they need a mobile friendly website to stay competitive.
Your advantage over the local business owner and other Internet marketers use you can meet with the business owners within your community and developing relationship as a real person.


New WordPress Plugin members have been made aware of plugins that can be used to make WordPress blogs mobile friendly. There is no need to maintain two completely different sites unless it makes good business sense to separate them.
There at least two good plugins that will make your WordPress powered site mobile friendly and there are several themes are suitable for both standard use and mobile use. It is possible to have one theme installed that looks great for traditional connections and an alternative theme that looks great for mobile devices.
Dedicated mobile themes exist for WordPress and also in traditional HTML.
Both options work but WordPress is the better choice because it can incorporate many of the social platforms the majority of people 40 and under use. You may find that a significant and growing number of your customers over 40 are also using the internet and social media.
The news has reported millions of smartphones have been sold to people that are more affluent than the average person and a high percentage of these people use these devices to access the Internet where they seek out information, products and services they want to buy.
As an offline business person, you have a potential goldmine waiting to be tapped because many of your competitors aren’t mobile or Internet friendly.
If you are an Internet Marketer, you have the skills needed to consult offline businesses and help them get mobile ready and able to compete in the online social environment.

Jerry McCoy
Jerry McCoy
Are You Overlooking A Potential Gold Mine?

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