This article discusses three must have plugin you must have if you are serious about getting organic traffic to your blog. You CAN get the results you desire without these plugins but you WILL have to work harder than a competitor that’s using them to get the same results.

Each of these plugins has a price that will send many running and I can appreciate the mindset because it was mine for many years. You need to decide whether your time or money is more valuable to you. In the beginning, money is because it is so scarce. As you gain knowledge and start to generate a few dollars, you will understand you NEED to invest in your business to grow past a certain point.

Each plugin mentioned here is powerful on its own but the effectiveness is magnified when you have all three plus the other must have plugins listed at New WordPress Plugin.

Auto Link Juicer – This Premium plugin is a must have because of the SEO functions it performs for you automatically. It can help deliver more link juice to your money pages which means a better chance at a higher ranking and increased sales.

The “Auto Link Juicer System” is designed specifically to help you fully optimize your blogs internal linking structure plus work with (and listen to) the search engines (primarily Google) to automatically adjust your blogs internal link structure as needed to optimize your search engine rankings.

98% of people screw this part up, without even realizing it. Not anymore. Auto Link Juicer auto-fixes your on-page optimization – placing more emphasis on your “money” pages and forcing more human traffic to hit your “call to actions”. Without doing anything shady or sneaky. Google actually likes this because there are no tricks being used here.

And it gets better.. ALJ (aka Auto link Juicer) also has an extremely powerful and custom “social linking” element built right in that gives all your blog posts a good quality (not spammy) link boost to get you even higher rankings and more traffic.

Best part… all the magic is done in the background without you touching a thing or having to be an SEO hotshot.

Video Traffic Genius – This Premium plugin helps you create and submit video sitemaps to both Google AND Yahoo for your self-hosted videos. The sitemaps will have the title, tags and description you choose for better ranking. The video on the sales page is a MUST watch for anyone using video and that should be everyone. 🙂 (Free video sitemap plugins only submit to Google and they don’t always give you the ability to add your own title, tags and description.)

Web Traffic Genius Pro – This Premium plugin automatically submits an RSS Feed for EACH new post to about 50 different RSS Feed Aggregators. This gives you valuable inbound links with no extra effort.

Having your backlink building process partially automated in a way that helps your blog is like having a completely dependable employee that never gets sick or wants a raise in pay. These passively built backlinks help you in the search engines which can help increase targeted traffic to your blogs and videos by creating backlinks from RSS Feed Aggregators.

Three Must Have WordPress Plugins If You Want Organic Traffic

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