Every time I visit traffic exchanges to see what people are promoting, I'm amazed at how little common sense seems to have been used for designing a site that is functional when graphics and JavaScript are turned off.


Think about why you visit a website. Do you go to find information, software, music, games to play or do you go to admire the artistic design of the website?

I'm willing to bet you visit websites for their content. Since you visit websites for content, do you think visitors to your website will be interested in anything but the content you provide them?

  • time? Free software, etc may be lacking in documentation and tutorials that allow you to achieve a productive level of competency with minimal effort.
  • compatibility? Will the free program be compatible with the computers and document types you need to use?
  • privacy? Many free offers require you to register your name and email address so you can be sent email offers, newsletters and sales pitches.
  • reliability? Free auto-responders, trackers and URL redirects may not be as reliable as their paid counterparts.
  • professionalism? Some services offer free only or a combination of free or paid. Many potential prospects will view someone using a free service as someone that's either new or someone that doesn't take their business seriously. Either of these beliefs in a prospect reduces your chance of them buying from you or subscribing to your newsletter or ezine.
  • relevancy? Some of the free ebooks, reports and software that is being given away contains outdated information, information that may be incomplete or software that while functional may not be as secure or reliable as a newer version.

I'm not saying you should completely ignore free stuff. There are some great products and services that are being given away that are worth the time, sacrifice of privacy or other non monetary costs that may be involved.

Do your own assessment of the cost and determine if 'free' will serve your needs well or if paid is going to be a more profitable way to go.

ItsAboutCash has links to pages where you may get free or paid products or services. Places to learn, downloads that may educate and Flash games to relax.

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