In the post Do You Have A Clear Vision For Your Business? I showed why you need a clear vision of what you want. This post focuses on the revenue model and plan you create and use.

Your Revenue Source

There are many business models online and offline that are potentially good sources for the extra income you are looking to generate. The revenue source you choose to work needs to fit criteria you define. You are the only person that can decide whether a particular business model is in an industry you know about, want to know about or are passionate about.

If you aren’t passionate in your chosen business, you WILL NOT stick with it for very long regardless of your vision.

Humans have to like or love what they do to consistently commit quality effort into it.

You may be working a job you detest but are you consistently giving your employer 100 percent of your effort all day every day?

If you start a business that doesn’t have your interest or passion, you will find that your commitment to your plan will get the same lackluster performance you give your job and you will eventually start creating excuses as to why you aren’t getting the results you need. You will also find reasons why you cannot work your plan on the days you scheduled.

Some of the possible business models are:

  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Selling products you create
  • Selling your services.

If you have any kind of skill, the easiest way to start earning online is by selling inexpensive gigs at Fiverr or NetTradR. All gigs at Fiverr are $5 each and many people use this service to have a variety of services performed for them. People that offer their services are building a list of buyers and this gives them the ability to build relationships and sell more expensive services. NetTradR lets you place gigs starting at $2 and pricing them all the way to $100 per gig.

By using either of these services, you can gain credibility and a client base without any cash outlay or the frustrations commonly associated with starting a new business. Sell your skills to build your working capital and leverage that to expand your horizons and work towards turning your vision into your reality.

Do You Have A Clear Vision For Your Business Pt2

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