Who Needs A Marketing Campaign?

The short answer is EVERYONE. This article explains why you need at least one marketing campaign even if you aren’t in business. You might even get an idea or two.

Businesses use websites and social media to promote the business and their products or services. Every organization needs to promote their presence and services to raise money or promote their services and everyone looking for a job needs to treat themselves as a product that needs promoting.


Business blogs and websites are common and they are widely accepted as places to brand and promote products and services. Very few people buy a domain in their name and brand themselves. Posting your resume on your blog, sharing your expertise in your industry and building your brand is vital when so many people are applying for the same job as you.


LinkedIn is a service where you can connect with others in your industry or even a related industry. The networking you do here just may get you the interview you want and need.


Millions of people use Twitter daily to talk about everything under the sun. Have you ever thought about using it as a networking tool to connect with others in your industry as well as to let your friends know you are seeking a new opportunity?


Facebook is known for the connections you make with friends and family. This environment is the ideal place to let them know you are seeking a job.

If you take the time to develop a blog that brands you, use press releases to share your news and create a full blown marketing campaign that incorporates all of the social media services, news sites and your skillful use of video to promote yourself, you may shorten the time needed to land a new job.

A poorly executed marketing campaign that exposes behavior or information you don’t want the world to see will harm or destroy your opportunities for employment.

If you correctly use social media and properly execute your marketing plan, your stock may rise in the eyes of potential employers because many employers often want their help to assist in getting the word out about their company.

Never underestimate the value of branding yourself, an organization or a business and the role a good marketing campaign can play in this branding.

Who Needs A Marketing Campaign?
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