Lead generation is one of the most time consuming and expensive tasks marketers face. Part of the reason is most marketers do not use a systematic approach.

Many try safelists, FFA’s (Free For All links), free classifieds online, manual traffic exchanges, auto-surf traffic exchanges, ezine advertising, flyers, business cards, postcards and more to promote their business and generate leads.

When asked which method is the most effective and which ones are a waste of time, most marketers cannot tell you because they do not track each and every advertising method.

A good friend shared this information with me because he cares about my health and wants me to live a long and healthy life. I’m thanking him by planning on taking action and by sharing this with you.

http://www.chlorellafactor.com is a 39 page article that is meant to be read online. The entire site is devoted to talking about two super foods called Spirulina and Chlorella.

Something to think about

You may believe we were created by God and someone else may believe we evolved from sea creatures. It doesn’t matter one bit when you look at these two super foods because which ever method was used to create mankind the same building blocks for life were used.

Spirulina and Chlorella are all natural and work harmoniously with our bodies to give us the life sustaining sustenance we need.

No commercially created food can exactly duplicate what nature consistently provides.

I admit I’m a meat eater and that I’m unlikely to give it up but that won’t stop me from adding these super foods to my diet to minimize the damage I’m doing with my dietary habits and to, hopefully reverse some of the problems my malnutrition has caused.

I’m not underfed but I am malnourished. If you don’t understand what that means, I think you will once you read the complete article at http://www.chlorellafactor.com.

You cannot adequately take care of yourself, your family or your business if you aren’t feeling well so go read, understand, share it with others you care about and live a long, healthy life by taking action.

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