Having A Website Is Not Enough Anymore

Having a website for your business is no longer enough because the competition is just too fierce for it to shine on its own. Do you know what you need in addition to your website?

Content Management Systems

A few years ago websites are one of two purposes which could generally be categorized as lead generation or sales. Today, however, your website can become the center of community.  You must use a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla as a foundation for your website if you wish to create a search engine friendly site that invites visitor interaction.  The visitor action you wish to encourage can come in many forms.


Facebook likes provide the social proof that search engines want to see that others value the work that you have done. In addition to the social proof, any comments that they make on Facebook about the page they visited will leave backlinks to that page on your website. The social proof plus the backlinks help increase the always important trust factor.

Facebook fan pages aka Facebook business pages are becoming a very important business tool because some people never leave Facebook once they log onto the Internet. You can create simple business pages that you can use to enhance your page, you can place lead capture pages inside your page using an iframe or you can pull your whole website in your Facebook page using an iframe.

If you use your Facebook business page as your landing page, you can get advertising rates using Facebook’s PPC and demographic targeting you have the ability to get highly targeted traffic at prices you have been unable to get out of Google Adwords for quite some time, if ever.


Twitter is another important piece of the marketing puzzle. You can add a Twitter button to your website allowing people to automatically tweet the post they just read which gives use social proof and a backlink. You can use Twitter to build relationships with your followers, Twitter is a great place to find followers, Twitter is a great place to build your brand while monitoring what is being said about you and your company.

NetTradR and Fiverr

Sites like NetTradR, Fiverr and others are great places to sell your services to generate quick cash or to outsource tasks that are not money making activities but are necessary for your business.


24 hours of Video is uploaded to YouTube every 15 minutes. Because so much video is being uploaded, people have to use the search engine that is built into YouTube to find what they’re seeking. This means that marketers that properly optimize their videos have a good chance of having their videos seen high in results when searches are made. Place a link to your website in the beginning of your video description and you have the potential of receiving quite a bit of traffic IF you produce the right kind of video with the right call to action.


Your website is your home on a web but the social media sites listed above and other Web 2.0 properties need to play a part in your overall marketing strategy. If you choose to ignore one or more of the above sites and some that I did not mention in this article, you are neglecting marketing opportunities that your competitors may be utilizing.

Having A Website Is Not Enough Anymore
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