Is Video Marketing Part Of Your Business?

If video marketing isn’t part of your business, competitors that use it WILL be able to more easily acquire new customers than you. Read on to discover why.

  • Video has a higher perceived value in the eyes of most consumers.
  • Prospects are more likely to watch a 2-3 minute video than read a sales page.
  • You can demonstrate how your product works in video.
  • YouTube is once place many of your prospects regularly visit.
  • A well done video on YouTube is more often shared than a traditional web page.
  • The majority of your customers under 40 are as comfortable with the Internet and multimedia as their parents were with newspapers and books.

Videos are easy to produce with software already on most computers or free software you can download from the Internet. If you don’t have the time, skill or desire to create your own videos, there are affordable outsource options for most businesses and budgets.

Hosting videos on your site can help with SEO. A video sitemap that is submitted to Google and Yahoo will help that video and page get ranked higher in the results without any backlinks. When you do some backlink building to the page with your video, the rise may astound you.

Embedding videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites can also help you in the search engines by reducing the bounce rate.

The bounce rate is Google’s way of tracking how popular your site is with visitors. They measure how long a visitor stays on a page, how many pages are visited and other factors. A video will increase the time a visitor stays on the page and this will help reduce the bounce rate IF the video is engaging enough for the visitor to watch it all the way through.

If your visitor then shares the video using some type of social media or comments on your video, this social proof tells the search engines your information is relevant and worth sending more visitors to see.

Video marketing is a type of social interaction that is closer to the way many people expect to receive information so giving them what they expect naturally lowers their resistance to your message. If your video is done well, you will be on your way to building trust and people are more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Is Video Marketing Part Of Your Business?

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