Do you think of a Self Improvement Plan as a blueprint for improving your physical being?



I define self improvement as any aspect of my life that I can improve through actions I personally take. Don't you think this definition makes more sense?

Think about this:

How well you sell yourself in your resume and first interview play a big role in both dating and job hunting.


The second date and the second interview are both opportunities for you to further sell yourself. If the second date goes well, you are on probation and have a chance to further sell your value as a mate. If the second job interview goes well, you are either hired or are invited back for a third interview. Getting the job usually means you are on probation for a set period of time so you still aren't secure.

A smart person never stops selling their value to their mates or their

Consistently selling your value to your bosses may improve your job security and make getting raises easier.

Consistently reminding your mate, through action and words, why they chose to become your partner gives you many more benefits than money can provide. You cannot underestimate the value of a loving partner, a happy home, a great companion, and someone that shares both your successes and failures. I'm not forgetting the value of a healthy sexual relationship that is part of the equation but I purposely separated it from the other benefits of selling yourself to your mate because many of the other benefits are intangibles that are often taken for granted.

Never forget that selling you is a full time business and your success in this business will directly or indirectly affect the success you achieve in every other area of your life.

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