Jerry McCoyGood customer service can help your company thrive while poor customer service can damage your business. Do you know on which side of the coin your customer service resides?

I was reminded of that fact several times this week as both a consumer and as a business owner. Here’s what happened.

Good Customer Service

Providing good customer service has always been a top priority in my business and I was rewarded this week when one of my good customers did a word of mouth referral for me. This referral led me to set up a website with a custom theme for a person that I would never have had access to otherwise.

This new customer was happy enough with my service he has already asked me if he could share my service with other people. I, of course, welcome this type of advertising.

Poor Customer Service

I experienced poor customer service this week in a place that you would expect great customer service because it’s part of the Health Care industry. The office personnel in the field staff were feuding and because of their internal politics some care was not provided that should have been.

When I talk to the person in the office, who happens to be the owner’s daughter, she tried to blame the field staff by telling me a lie. On top of that, her demeanor on the phone was one of arrogance to the point I felt my account with them did not matter at all.

If switching from one agency to another was in such a hassle, I would have fired this one as a provider and been on my way by now. As it is, I’m telling everyone I know just how rotten their customer service is and I am still considering the possibility of writing a review for Angie’s List

After wading through every piece of information I could find, I found out that 2 of the 3 office staff have been reported to corporate for their poor and unprofessional customer service which resulted in the loss of clients.

Your customer service is a big part of your reputation. You may not get referrals and business very often by providing good service but a disgruntled customer can cause you a LOT of grief and lost business even if you aren’t aware that you lost a potential customer. Protect your reputation by providing fast, courteous and professional customer service especially when it is hard.

Are Your Customers Happy Or Disgruntled With Your Customer Service?

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