SEO Is Simple But Not Easy


Jerry McCoySearch engine optimization (SEO) is simple but not easy because the job is NEVER done and you must always test things and watch your competitors.

There are three primary things to consider in SEO:

  • High quality highly targeted content
  • Optimized on page content and site navigation
  • High quality backlinks with the right anchor text

On Page Optimization

Once you have mastered the basics of creating high quality content for your website, you need to structure that content so you clearly identify to the search engines and your visitors the primary keyword you are targeting.

Your on page optimization includes such things as the title, URL, Meta keywords, Meta description, image ALT tags and title tags for hyperlinks. Other on page optimization factors may be links to off-site authority sites or links to related articles within your site.

Linking to related articles at the end of your article is great for building the internal linking structure of your site and well written articles or good videos just might get the visitor interested enough to read more of your content.

Site Navigation And Optimization

Navigation through your site is important to both visitors and search engine spiders. Your site design needs to be set up in a way that your visitor can reach any page on your site in 3 clicks or less. A visible visitor sitemap helps a LOT with this.

Search engines, like the visually impaired cannot ‘see’ images so naming your image as the keyword its related to in the article and using an appropriate ALT tag helps everyone understand how the image relates to your written content. Images get indexed in a searchable database by the search engines so using this basic SEO technique puts you ahead of competitors that aren’t as vigilant.

Off Page Optimization

Backlinks are viewed as social proof of the quality of the content on your site. The anchor text helps the search engine spider and visitor understand the focus of the content on your page before they even visit it.

Your goal should be to have about 70% of the links coming in to each page contain anchor text for the primary keyword on that page. If some of these incoming links are from .edu or .gov sites, grin widely because the search engines see those domain extensions as higher authority sites.

You need links coming in from many different places and you must consistently act to put more inbound links in place.

If you reach the coveted first position on page one of Google for the keywords you are targeting, you WILL lose that spot if you quit adding content to your site and quit adding inbound links. At any given point in time, acquiring new high value inbound links is often more important than fresh content on your site.

Ideally, you should be consistently adding fresh content to your site daily. This goal isn’t sustainable for many webmasters so they drop back to a fixed schedule of 1-3 times a week.

You need to define then implement a similar backlink building strategy and schedule because the results you achieve require consistent effort. WordPress plugins make it much easier to handle on site internal linking so you can spend more time focusing on off-site backlink building. This is why many say SEO is simple but not easy.

SEO Is Simple But Not Easy

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