Have you noticed all the Christmas giveaways this year? Every year there seems to be more of these and for two very good reasons. Contributors get new subscribers to their opt-in mailing lists and they get a lot of traffic to a special promotional page that usually has a discounted product on it.

These joint ventures are great for all of the participants because each contributor gets new subscribers, makes some sales while incurring very little, if any, advertising expense. Recipients of these gifts receive useful products for the price of subscribing to a mailing list where they may receive useful information in upcoming newsletters.

My take on integrity is that when you give your word that you’ll do something you do it within the stated time frame even if it costs you financially or personally. I realize emergencies and unforeseen circumstances happen but they aren’t the customer’s problem or your friend/neighbor, etc. that you promised. If you cannot keep your word, it is the same as lying and it’ll reflect poorly on you and/or your business. The damage can sometimes be mitigated by completely explaining the situation to the recipient and offering them bonuses as compensation for their inconvenience or as an I’m sorry.

We should always strive to deliver more than the customer expects. The reason is that cheerfully delivering more than expected will result in a happy customer. Happy customers are more likely to purchase again and they may also become a walking testimonial that will help your business grow.

Everything is energy based. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at human cells, rocks, plants or animals. Look at anything under an electron microscope and you’ll see they all have atoms. Each atom has elements that are positively, negatively and sometimes neutrally charged.

If you accept the fact that everything is made up of atoms which are electrically charged, you should accept the following statement. ‘We are connected to everything through our energy and everything is connected to us through this same energy.’

Anyone that thinks about that and accepts it should see that everything we do either positive or negative is creating energy waves that are positive or negative. This includes our positive and negative thoughts.

If you are working to gather wealth but constantly lie, cheat or think bad things about the people you interact with, you are putting out much more negative energy than positive energy to your chances or reaching your goals are very slim because you are out of harmony with nature.

By knowing what you desire and working in a positive environment with a positive outlook that your actions will help attract your desire, you are helping nature present opportunities to you that’ll help you reach your desired result.

Christmas Giveaways

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