free trafficIs Free Traffic Passively Delivered Your Dream?

 You, like many others, probably dream of passively delivered highly targeted free traffic for your website. If you are buying everything that claims to be the easy button, STOP. Highly targeted traffic is achievable but the price is often time and a few automation tools that will cost money.

Targeted Free Traffic Is NOT Really Free

Time and effort must be expended to get ‘free’ targeted traffic. The cost is your time. Depending on how much you value your time, this cost can be quite high. You can outsource some of the actions that need to be taken to get the traffic you desire but that also has a cost and it involves one or more people in your business that may or may not have the high standards you should have for your business.

I wholeheartedly support search engine optimization and everything else that’s needed to start the free traffic flowing. It’s important to acknowledge that there are times when buying traffic from quality providers can give your business a boost that SEO cannot.

SEO Is Too Slow

I’ve heard this comment from more than one marketer and I agree that some aspects of SEO can be very slow at producing results but other aspects can bring traffic to your site within a few hours or even a day or two.

There are two activities that can start delivering traffic fast and they each can give your SEO efforts a boost are:

  • Videos
  • Press Releases

Some of the slower methods that can deliver targeted traffic for months or even years after the initial work are:

  • Free eBook distribution
  • Free software distribution
  • Regular Forum participation in niche Forums that allow sig files.
  • Blog comments on quality blogs.
  • Making and submitting videos then building backlinks to them.
  • Regularly writing and submitting unique articles that are 400 words or more to the 6 top article directories.
  • Repurposing your articles as podcasts you distribute to podcast directories.

Backlinks are a vital part of building a steady supply of long term free targeted traffic. There are many backlink building methods and strategies but not all of them are good for people that are on a tight budget or are relatively new to marketing online. One of the best backlink building blueprints I’ve seen recently is called ‘FastAttackLinks – Secret Backlinks That ANYONE Can Use For FREE To Boost Rankings AND Traffic NOW!’ It was written for people with no budgets that want free traffic and I highly recommend it for all experience levels. It is being offered as a WSO and the current price is $9.00 so don’t dally.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media sites may not play a direct role in SEO but sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn can definitely boost your flow of targeted traffic. A Facebook business page can even be optimized for its effectiveness as a marketing tool and you can and should build backlinks to it and market it just like your primary site.

The days of placing mediocre content on your site and profiting from it are long gone and rightfully so. You had better be thinking quality in everything you produce if you want long term free traffic that continues to arrive for weeks, months or even years after your initial effort.

Is Free Traffic Passively Delivered Your Dream?

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